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SV recalls his relationship w Ramakrishna

The third known photgraph of Ramakrishna. Narendra (Vivekananda) was present when this photograph was taken.
The third known photograph of Sri Ramakrishna. Narendra (Vivekananda) was present when this photograph was taken.

(Swami Vivekananda spoke frequently about Sri Ramakrishna. Here are some comments he made about the life he lived with Sri Ramakrishna.) 


He was a jnani within, but a bhakta without; but I am a bhakta within, and a jnani without.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to begin every day by walking about in his room for a couple of hours, saying ‘Satchidânanda!’ or ‘Shivoham!’ or some other holy word.
(CWSN 1: 255)

My old Master used to say, “It is all very good to teach the parrot to say, ‘Lord, Lord, Lord’ all the time; but let the cat come and take hold of its neck, it forgets all about it.”

Was it a joke that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa should touch a life? Of course he made new men and new women of those who came to him, even in these fleeting contacts!                                                                       (CWSN 1: 130)

Let none regret that they were difficult to convince! I fought my Master for six years with the result that I know every inch of the way! Every inch of the way!

The Master said he would come again in about two hundred years — and I will come with him. When a Master comes, he brings his own people.                                                                                                          (From Mrs. Edith Allan’s reminiscences)


From the time he gave me over to the Divine Mother, he retained the vigor of his body only for six months. The rest of the time — and that was two long years — he suffered.


My son, there is no rest for me. That which Sri Ramakrishna called “Kali” took possession of my body and soul three or four days before his passing away. That makes me work and work and never lets me keep still or look to my personal comfort.


Blessed are those who have seen Sri Ramakrishna. All of you, too, will get his vision. When you have come here, you are very near to him. Nobody has been able to understand him who came on earth as Sri Ramakrishna. Even his own nearest devotees have no real clue to it. Only some have a little inkling of it. All will understand in time.                                                                                                                                    (Translated from Bengali; Said to SV’s disciple, Sarat Chandra Chakravarty. [From the Diary of a Disciple] during the celebration of Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday, 1902, at Belur.)