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Reminiscences of Sarada Devi

Reminiscences of Sarada Devi by Swami Nirvananda

In the Mother’s Company

Swami Nirvanananda

Swami Nirvanananda (often referred to as “Surya Swami Brahmananda” or “Sujji Swami Brahmananda”) was a disciple of Swami Brahmananda. Nirvanananda was Vice-President of the Ramakrishna Order. read more

Tributes to Sarada Devi

Ram Chandra Datta

“After all she was no ordinary wife. Could the wife of someone who was the master of thousands of [spiritual] orphans, the deliverer of unlimited number of reprobates, the jewel of the heart of the Lord of the Universe, deign to acquire the habits of beasts given to sexual appetites? The scriptures approve of man and woman for begetting a son. O Ma, you are mother to thousands of sons and daughters. Do you have to lower yourself to the status of dogs and jackals in order to become mother?” read more

Photographs of Sarada Devi


Picture was taken in early 1898



Sarada Devi at fifty-six years of age.


Sarada Devi at fifty-eight at her house in Jayrambati read more



To Mahendra Nath Gupta – on his publishing Kathamrita

Dear Child,
Whatever you had heard from him (Ramakrishna) is nothing but the truth. You need not feel any diffidence about it. At one time it was he who had placed those words with you. And it is now he who is bringing them to the light of the day according to the needs of the time. Know it for certain that unless these words are published, man will not have his consciousness awakened. All the words of his that you have with you everyone of them is true. One day when you read them out to me I felt as if it was he who was speaking.
21st Ashada, 1304,
(4th July, 1897) read more