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Quotes of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna


Told to Sarada Devi: Just as `uncle’ moon is the uncle of all children, so God is everybody’s own. Whoever calls on Him will be blessed with His vision. If you call on him, you also will see Him.

A man whose mind is absolutely pure naturally goes beyond action. He cannot work even if he tries to; or the Lord does not allow him to work. But the ordinary man must do his duties unattached, depending on the Lord-like the maidservant in her master’s house. She does everything for her master, but knows in her heart that her home is elsewhere.” (The Life Swami Vivekananda by his Eastern and Western Disciples) read more

Vivekananda on Ramakrishna

Ramakrishna on Vivekananda

Birth of Swami Vivekananda


Of Swami Vivekananda’s birth, Ramakrishna was quoted as saying:
One day I found that my mind was soaring high in Samadhi along a luminous path. It soon transcended the stellar universe and entered the subtler region of ideas. As it ascended higher and higher I found on both sides of the way ideal forms of gods and goddesses. The mind then reached the outer limits of that region, where a luminous barrier separated the sphere of relative existence from that of the Absolute. Crossing that barrier, the mind entered the transcendental realm where no corporeal being was visible. Even the gods dared not peep into that sublime realm, but had to be content to keep their seats far below. The next moment I found seven venerable sages seated there in Samadhi. It occurred to me that these sages must have surpassed not only men, but even the gods, in knowledge and holiness, in renunciation and love. Lost in admiration, I was reflecting on their greatness, when I saw a portion of that undifferentiated luminous region condense into the form of a divine child. The child came to one of the sages, tenderly clasped his neck with his lovely little arms, and, addressing him in a sweet voice, attempted to drag his mind down from      the state of Samadhi. The magic touch roused the sage from his super-conscious state, and he fixed his unmoving, half open gaze upon that wonderful child. His beaming countenance showed that the child must have been the treasure of his heart. In great joy the strange child said to him, “I am going down. You too must go with me.” The sage remained mute, but his tender look expressed his assent. As he kept gazing on the child, he was again immersed in Samadhi. I was surprised to find that a fragment of the sage’s body and mind was descending on earth in the form of an effulgent light. No sooner had I seen Naren than I recognized him to be that sage.
When asked, Ramakrishna said that the divine child was himself. read more