The Art Institute where Swami Vivekananda made his historic speeches at the Parliament of Religions in September 1893. It was then called the Memorial Art Palace.


Interior view – the Hall of Columbus where Vivekananda spoke.


541 Dearborn Street – the home of Mr and Mrs Hale where the Swami stayed shortly after the Parliament.


Des Moines


















The Central Church of Christ at Pleasant and Ninth Street, Des Moines. Vivekananda spoke here on the evenings of 27 & 28 November 1893. His first talk was about “Hindoo Religion” and the second was “Reincarnation.” Rev. H. O. Breeden was minister of the church.











On November 28, after his lecture at the Central Church of Christ, Vivekananda went to the Savery Hotel at Locust and Fourth Street where he gave an extended question and answer session for the Prairie Club.



Photos & maps of places associated with the Swami