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SV on Ramakrishna’s Divinity and Greatness


Ramakrishna has no peer. Nowhere else in the world exists such unprecedented perfection, such wonderful kindness to all, such intense sympathy for men in bondage.


He was the Savior of women, Savior of the masses, Savior of all, high and low.
(Letter to Ramakrishnananda, 1895)


Sri Ramakrishna is the spring of this phase of the earth’s religious life., of its impulses and activities.


He was a triumphant example, a living realization of the complete renunciation of lust and money.  He was far beyond any idea of either.


He condemned none but saw the good in all.


He cared not a straw for all the gold and all the wealth that was in the universe.


He was contented simply to live that great life and to leave it to others to find the explanation!


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was the only man who ever had the courage to say that we must speak to all men in their own language!


The future, you say, will call Ramakrishna Paramahamsa an Incarnation of Kali? Yes, I think there’s no doubt that She worked up the body of Ramakrishna for Her own ends.


From the date that the Ramakrishna incarnation was born has sprung the Satya -Yuga. Whatever the Vedas, the Vedanta, and all the other incarnations have done in the past, Sri Ramakrishna lived to practice in the course of a single life.
(Letter to Ramakrishnananda, 1895)


In the Ramakrishna Incarnation there is knowledge, infinite love, infinite work, infinite compassion for all beings.                                                                                                                                                         (Letter to Brahmananda , 1895)


What the whole Hindu race has thought in ages, he lived in one life.  His life is the living commentary to the Vedas of all nations.  People will come to know him by degrees.
(Letter to Brahmananda , 1895)


Always remember that Shri Ramakrishna came for the good of the world–not for name or fame. Spread only what he came to teach. Never mind his name–it will spread of itself.

Letter to brother disciples 1894


We shall crush the stars to atoms, and unhinge the universe. Don’t you know who we are? We are the servants of Shri Ramakrishna.

Letter to brother disciples 1894